3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons are clearly making the playoffs in 2023

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3. The NFC South is Atlanta's to lose

Tampa Bay can instantly be ruled out as a contender despite their continued talent at the receiver position. Tampa was unable to finish the 2022 season above .500 and has largely downgraded their roster with the most obvious being turning from Tom Brady to Baker Mayfield or Kyle Trask. This team is going to be competing for a top-ten pick and nothing more in the 2023 season.

This leaves the trio of New Orleans, Carolina, and Atlanta. While Carolina is clearly the biggest threat to the Falcons they are dealing with an injury-prone rookie quarterback and a head coach in his first season with the Panthers. Add in the loss of D.J. Moore and Christian McCaffrey and this is still a team that is clearly a year away.

Carolina's only path to winning the division is if Bryce Young is far better than expected in his rookie season.

New Orleans lost a lot of talent this off-season and overpaid at the quarterback position for a player who hasn't won a playoff game after almost a decade in the league. Carr was benched by the Raiders last season and is now downgrading his weapons in New Orleans with more expectations and pressure.

The stage is perfectly set for Atlanta to win what very well may be the worst division in football in the 2023 season.