3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons are still a landing spot for DeAndre Hopkins

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DeAndre Hopkins
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2. A chance to find elite production at a low cost

It is rare for receivers to improve their production after turning thirty, however, if the Falcons can keep Hopkins healthy that will be the case for Hopkins. In the last season in which DeAndre was healthy, the veteran finished the year with 1,407 receiving yards and was in the discussion as the best receiver in the league.

The Cardinals are understandably frustrated with Murray and Hopkins never completely working at the level they had hoped. They are looking for a reset and while that happens there will be a chance to land Hopkins at a bargain despite his contract.

Adding Hopkins for the price of a day two or day three pick is well worth it and something the Falcons should do without hesitation if they can work DeAndre into the cap. Even if Hopkins isn't the player he once was London and Pitts are more than capable of being the primary targets with Hopkins a clear upgrade even if he has taken a step back.

Hopkins only has two years left on his deal allowing the Falcons either to escape it quickly if it doesn't work out or re-work the contract. For a late draft pick, it is a move that will prove to be well worth the slight risk.