3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons aren't going to consider trading Kirk Cousins

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1. Cap space

The suggestion that the Atlanta Falcons trade a player they just signed to a four-year deal ignores the cap. If the Falcons traded Kirk Cousins it would incur a penalty that makes it far better to keep Cousins on the roster and start Penix Jr. if that was somehow the plan.

The cap demands that Kirk Cousins is your starter for at least the next two years. While the dead cap hit is painful in year three it is acceptable and leaves you some room to build out the roster around Penix Jr.

Ideally, Cousins is a great option over the next three years and the team can move on in year four or at the end of the contract. In year four the Falcons can move on without a painful dead cap hit and would still have Penix Jr. under team control for two years. Even if Cousins is underwhelming the cap demands he starts over the next two seasons.

You don't give a player a $180-million dollar contract only to turn around and trade or cut him. This is Kirk Cousins who clearly isn't a concern with off-the-field issues or problems demanding the Falcons consider a change. Any suggestion otherwise ignore the most important thing, the money.