3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons aren't going to consider trading Kirk Cousins

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3. Kirk Cousins is a bordline top-ten quarterback

How many quarterbacks can you rationally rank ahead of Kirk Cousins in the NFC? Within Atlanta's own division, the answer is zero with interesting debates to be had over much of the conference. The point here is how much better does Penix Jr. need to be to consider taking on the dead cap hit?

The last time we saw Kirk Cousins on the field he was playing at an MVP level for a team now expected to be in the basement of the division without him. Cousins isn't going to be in the same conversation with Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, or Joe Burrow but he is in that next group.

We aren't talking about a bridge quarterback who doesn't have a proven history of giving you a chance every week. That is all Atlanta is asking for from the position and trading that would work against the player Cousins is believed to be as well as the reasons you drafted Penix Jr.

Give the team credit for attempting to take a long-term gamble at the position. However, it doesn't take away the need for Cousins or the plan they have in place.