3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons made the right decision starting Heinicke

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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3. Heinicke will likely put Atlanta in better draft position while leaving no excuses for Smith

Arthur Smith told the media that Desmond Ridder was the Atlanta Falcons quarterback and would finish the year as the starter. While benching the quarterback is understandable it is indicative of Smith's tenure and the problems this team has under the head coach. Putting Taylor Heinicke into this offense isn't going to fix the poor decisions and play design.

This should both help improve Atlanta's draft positioning as well as leave no question what Arthur Blank has to do. Smith is not deserving of being this team's head coach for another season and this move should make sure the season ends with Smith searching for a new landing spot.

Heinicke may have a few good moments with this offense but was unable to beat lesser teams earlier this season. Why would Taylor be able to beat a superior Colts team? A loss to Indy should basically eliminate the Falcons and put them in the market for a head coach and a franchise quarterback.