3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons made the right decision starting Ridder

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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1. Taylor Heinicke is 0-3 with the Atlanta Falcons this season

Yes, the Atlanta Falcons offense set personal scoring records with Taylor in the lineup this season. However, anyone who has watched the tape cannot defend the consistent turnover-worthy plays. It is the exact same criticism that Ridder was given in Atlanta's early portion of the season. Desmond was trying to give the ball away the defense simply wasn't able to convert.

The same was true for Taylor and if he stayed in the lineup the results would eventually be the same. To be fair to Heinicke, his record is 0-2 on the season, however, he was unable to complete the comeback in his first game and lost each of the next two.

You were facing what were "must-win" games and all three times the veteran quarterback failed to get the job done. While the regression of the defense can be pointed to as a huge factor, Taylor was given the ball with a chance to win or put his team ahead each time. In all three cases, Heinicke failed and left the third game late with an injury.

Taylor simply wasn't an upgrade or getting the job done for the Falcons. Whether it is Taylor's fault the offensive system or both can be debated. What cannot are the results Heinicke put on tape that has him headed back to the bench.