3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons obviously aren't interested in Will Levis

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The Atlanta Falcons made headlines last week with their reported interest in quarterback prospect and former Kentucky Wildcat Will Levis. The interest in Levis made headlines based on the fact the Falcons have made it clear they are moving forward with Desmond Ridder as the starter.

A fact that Taylor Heinicke made known after signing with the Falcons. Taylor made it clear going into camp and pre-season that the focus was on helping Ridder get ready to take a step forward with Heinicke serving as the backup plan.

So why are the Falcons interested in Will Levis? The answer is simple it would be malpractice not to do due diligence on all the top quarterbacks in each draft no matter what your quarterback situation is. Whether it is for a trade or a prospect completely shocks the Falcons in believing they are the answer it is the right move each and every draft to do your homework.

For the Falcons this is simply about learning about a player they are far more likely to trade back to allow another team to take than to actually target a position they clearly have filled. Setting aside the obvious issues with taking a quarterback the reasons Levis will never be an Atlanta Falcon couldn't be clearer.