3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons obviously aren't interested in Will Levis

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1. Will Levis isn't a top-ten talent

It isn't hard to see that this year's quarterback class is incredibly weak and because of that Will Levis is being considered a top-ten pick. There isn't anything that Levis does at a high enough level to be considered a clear franchise quarterback prospect. In a better class, Levis is a late-day two pick for a team looking to develop a young quarterback behind a veteran starter.

Perhaps the biggest concern with Levis (aside from our second point) is the lack of accuracy a basic trait one would hope a top-ten pick would possess. Add in the fact that Levis was unable to win the starting job at Penn State and never was a threat in the SEC and there is a reason to wonder why Levis is being considered as a top pick despite the weak draft class.

Any team that drafts Levis as a starter is going to regret the move and would be far wiser to trade up to the Cardinals spot hoping Carolina makes the mistake of taking Richardson allowing either Stroud or Young to fall the only two QBs who should be taken in the first round this off-season.