3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons obviously aren't interested in Will Levis

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3. Taylor Heinicke is a better quarterback than Will Levis

Perhaps this is a step too far but looking at Taylor's ceiling is there anyone that believes at any point in Will's career he will be able to trade blows with Tom Brady? Sure Heinicke has had his struggles but that clutch playoff performance against the GOAT along with some memorable drives against the Falcons are more NFL highlights than Levis is likely to ever hold.

Put aside Desmond Ridder who is the obvious starter and look only at Taylor Heinicke vs. Will Levis. The Falcons would be in far better hands in Arthur Smith's system playing Heinicke a veteran quarterback who understands his limitations and will play within the system.

Levis will attempt to make plays that aren't there and create problems for an Atlanta offense that is far better off with Desmond Ridder.

The point here is when you can even have a rational discussion that your backup quarterback might be a better option than a potential top-ten draft pick there isn't a chance the team will take said player.

Will Levis visiting with Atlanta is simply the team doing their homework and perhaps adding more hype to a player they hope a team is willing to trade up for if Levis is still on the board when Atlanta's number is called.