3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should be cautious chasing Justin Fields

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
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1. Created sacks and turnovers

The Atlanta Falcons fanbase is desperate for anything close to competency from the quarterback position. When you watch the Chicago Bears highlights Justin Fields jumps off the screen creating big plays with his legs and being able to make every needed throw. What often escapes those highlights is the poor decisions that cost the Bears so often in his tenure as the starter.

Fields is far too often caught refusing to give up on a play losing 10-20 yards when he simply needs to throw it away or move up the field and take the 1-2 yards he can get. You have the forced throws and fumbles that have resulted in turnovers as well.

Considering what the Falcons have gotten from Desmond Ridder this seems less concerning. At least Fields can create enough big plays to offset the turnovers. Still, it is a major concern that Fields is so often still making rookie mistakes. The Bears are ready to move on it appears and a large piece of this puzzle is because of the consistent mental mistakes that result in turnovers and lost yardage. A huge concern for a team that already deals with Arthur Smith's play calling.