3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should be cautious chasing Justin Fields

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3. Spending draft capital without answering the long-term question

If you trade for Justin Fields it is going to likely cost you more than one potential impact pick. The Falcons would be spending draft picks without adding a quarterback they believe is clearly the answer moving forward. Fields isn't signed to a long-term deal and has plenty of concerns within his game.

If the Falcons are going to spend draft picks on the position would they not be better to chase someone in the draft or a more established veteran? The obvious targets for the franchise are Kirk Cousins and Jayden Daniels.

Both would fit well within Arthur Smith's system and would be the most talented quarterbacks that Arthur Smith has had in his time in Atlanta. Cousins is a bit of a concern coming off of a serious injury but was playing at an MVP level prior to the injury. Daniels would take time to develop but would be on a rookie contract and has a high ceiling.

Adding Justin Fields shouldn't be off the table for the Falcons but it should be a move they approach with a healthy level of caution.