3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should be hesitant to target Justin Fields

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3. Justin Fields has never thrown for 2,600-yards or 20-touchdowns

In today's league 3,000-passing yards is almost a pedestrian benchmark for a passing focused league. To be completely fair to Fields it is worth noting that the quarterback missed games but still his passing numbers were underwhelming. His career 40-touchdowns to 30-interceptions are less than impressive.

Quarterbacks that passed for more yardage in 2023 than Fields include Derek Carr, Gardner Minshew, Geno Smith, Bryce Young, and Desmond Ridder. Fields had only three more passing touchdowns than Josh Dobbs and Joe Flacco the latter who spent the majority of his season on the couch.

The problem here is obvious Justin Fields still isn't a great passer in this league and the Falcons need to be able to lean on the arial attack under Zac Robinson. As exciting of a player as Justin Fields can be there simply isn't enough tape that tells you he has grown as a passer and can step in and be the distributor that Atlanta needs at the position from day one.

Atlanta bringing Justin Fields back home is a story that makes sense at first glance. However, the deeper you dig and the closer you look the less sense it makes for either side.