3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should bench Taylor Heinicke in the bye week

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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1. Arthur Smith's season should rest on Desmond Ridder

When the Atlanta Falcons made the quarterback change it hadn't been a week since Arthur Smith described his quarterback as a "winner" defending his quarterback at every turn. Smith's loyalty to Ridder seemed limitless as he never gave a hint of turning away from Desmond before Ridder was evaluated for an injury three weeks ago.

After Ridder was cleared Heinicke stayed in the game and started each of the next two weeks. This is surprising considering Smith's continual defense of his quarterback and a perfect example of the frustration fans have with Smith. If you're going to bench your young quarterback why all the theatrics beforehand? Treating the quarterback position as if it were never a question and refusing to name a starter just points to what a frustrating and lost season this has been for a talented offense.

Smith tied this season to Desmond Ridder and right or wrong the quarterback and head coach should finish out the year together. It is time to put Ridder into the lineup and either go on a run or for it to be made perfectly clear that both Smith and Ridder have to go this off-season.