3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should bring back Sanu or Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons v Houston Texans
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1. Leadership and guidance for Atlanta's young receivers

Atlanta lacks a veteran presence at tight-end or receiver a player Atlanta's young starters can turn to when needed. First, let's look at this from Julio's perspective and consider why it would make sense. Jones is a well-regarded franchise legend and is obviously running out of options after failing with the Titans and having a limited impact playing with Tom Brady.

Jones returning to Atlanta with very little pressure in a run-focused offense is a great scenario and gives both sides the chance to end things on a better note. Julio is the ultimate professional and would be a great asset even if he isn't healthy. The leadership and guidance are well worth the veteran deal and there is a chance for surprise production considering how Julio ended his season and proved capable when healthy.

The second option fits perfectly as well for Atlanta in Sanu, a player that there are zero questions about whether or not the veteran would return to Atlanta. The Falcons adding Sanu in a player/coach role makes sense and gives Arthur Smith a weapon that can throw the ball at a high level and Ridder a veteran target. Even if Sanu wasn't in the rotation it is obvious having him on your sideline is great for the team and makes sense for both sides.