3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should bring back Sanu or Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons v Houston Texans
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2. Give Desmond Ridder a chance at working with a veteran target

It was known this off-season that Desmond Ridder has already worked out with Sanu working on his game. Ridder having Sanu as a veteran target and as a help on the sideline again fits the off-season and makes sense for both sides.

Atlanta has failed at adding veteran help at the position and clearly needs to give Ridder a veteran that can be relied on. Kyle Pitts and Drake London are great options and clearly the primary targets, however, Atlanta's roster needs better depth and Sanu is already a player Ridder is used to throwing to.

Julio Jones makes sense as well in the fact when healthy there is still such a high upside to a player that was a star only two seasons ago. Jones is clearly unable to stay healthy consistently, however, when Julio is on the field the veteran still has an impact in the right offensive system.

Bringing Julio back to Atlanta might be a move that gets a mixed reaction considering the exit but if we're objectively looking for the veteran left on the free agent market with the highest upside it is unquestionably Julio Jones.