3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should bring back Sanu or Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons v Houston Texans
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3. All the upside without the risk

These two veterans are now both in similar situations looking for a chance to prove they still have something left in the tank. Atlanta signing either player and giving them the chance to provide leadership or find chemistry with Desmond Ridder are moves that come without any risk.

Julio or Sanu can easily be moved on from at this point in their careers if they aren't the expected fit. Atlanta has both the cap space and the need at the position and can choose to move on or try other options.

Part of this also needs to come with an awareness that the Falcons aren't signing either player to be close to what they were in their tenures with Atlanta the first time around. The Falcons have Kyle Pitts, Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Tyler Allgeier all clearly ahead of a veteran target at receiver.

Add in the obvious aging that happens in a brutal game and Atlanta cannot expect to bring Jones or Sanu in as the same players they were. Bringing in either veteran is all about giving Ridder a veteran outlet when the top options are covered and adding leadership for an unproven group.

One injury to Atlanta's top two receivers and their second option will be either Scotty Miller or Frank Darby. Atlanta clearly needs depth and either of these veterans make sense for Atlanta once again.