3 reasons the Atlanta Falcons should keep Desmond Ridder around

Fans have been trying to run Desmond Ridder out of town but here is why the Atlanta Falcons shouldn't give in just yet

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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1. With real coaching, Desmond Ridder can develop and learn from his mistakes

Arthur Smith failed the Atlanta Falcons in a variety of ways. His scheme was suspect but he also did not surround his players—particularly his quarterbacks—with proper coaching, or in this case, any coaching.

After losing Charles London last offseason, Smith elected to not fill the quarterback coach vacancy and instead put those duties in the hands of offensive coordinator Dave Ragone. The problem is that Ragone already had enough responsibility as the OC which meant Ridder didn't have someone by his side 24/7.

What I saw in 2023 was a quarterback who suffered from the same mistakes over and over. Oftentimes, it seemed like Ridder had no one teaching him how to learn from what he did wrong. Give this player a real one-on-one coach and we could see him eliminate those chronic mistakes.