3 reasons the Atlanta Falcons should keep Desmond Ridder around

Fans have been trying to run Desmond Ridder out of town but here is why the Atlanta Falcons shouldn't give in just yet

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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2. Desmond Ridder showed flashes as a passer and runner

2023 wasn't all bad for Desmond Ridder. He flipped between good and bad from half to half and sometimes quarter to quarter.

Going back to his four starts as a rookie, I often criticized him for starting slow in games only to turn things on in the second half, often it was too late.

With some adjustments and a better scheme, Ridder can become a solid player. We saw him throw a couple of tight-window touchdowns. He also showed that he can take off and run when needed.


In other words, Desmond Ridder has the tools he needs to stay around, it just comes down to playing more consistently and eliminating all the turnovers.