3 reasons the Atlanta Falcons should keep Desmond Ridder around

Fans have been trying to run Desmond Ridder out of town but here is why the Atlanta Falcons shouldn't give in just yet

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3. Desmond Ridder's salary is low and he wouldn't fetch anything via trade

Desmond Ridder is playing on a third-round contract that pays him just over $1 million annually. For an NFL quarterback, that is nothing. Money should not be an issue here at all.

Ridder's trade value is going to be non-existent. When a former first-round pick in Mac Jones is traded for a sixth-round pick then you can kiss any hope of Ridder landing this team a draft pick goodbye. While Mac Jones has been horrendous recently, he is a former first-round pick who has taken his team to the playoffs, made a Pro Bowl, and has done more than Ridder has.

This only leaves one reason for the Falcons to move on from him—his roster spot. There is room on the roster and reason to keep him. With the emergency quarterback rule, the Falcons don't even have to trust him to be their backup. He can still be a gameday active without taking up a spot on the actives list.

Teams like to hold on to talented, young players which is a label you can put on Ridder. There is room for him. After all, if Arthur Smith could find room for Feleipe Franks then Raheem Morris can find room for Desmond Ridder.

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