3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should start Desmond Ridder moving forward

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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2. Either Ridder improves or Atlanta's draft positioning will

It is fitting if Arthur Blank isn't going to part ways with Arthur Smith this week that Smith's season is determined by Desmond Ridder. Arthur talked a lot about how great Ridder was and has been in the past before benching the second-year quarterback for Taylor Heinicke. Clearly, Heinicke isn't the answer and further showed that the problem is Smith's play calling.

This isn't to say either Ridder or Heinicke are great starting options in a different offense. However, both players are being hurt by Smith's style and lack of an ability to adjust.

While the Falcons are just a game back in the NFC South they currently hold the 10th pick in next year's draft. Let Ridder start and either way, the Falcons are going to win. Either the young quarterback figures it out and takes his game to the next level. Or the more likely scenario, Ridder continues to struggle and turn the ball over. This should be the final straw for head coach Arthur Smith and give Atlanta's next head coach a much better draft spot to use either to trade or draft for Atlanta's next quarterback.