3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should start Desmond Ridder moving forward

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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3. Desmond Ridder has the higher ceiling

The theory in starting Taylor Heinicke was you had a safer veteran with a lower ceiling but a more consistent level of play. While Taylor translated into a lot of points for the offense his wild throws and turnover-worthy plays matched any of Ridder's struggles. While the throws hadn't been converted into turnovers yet the chances were there.

At this point, roll with the player that did prove against the Texans (by far Atlanta's most impressive win) capable of making every play you need from your quarterback. Ridder is a better runner as well and gives the team a bit more of a threat in the backfield.

This in no way is indicating that Desmond Ridder is going to prove to be an option past this season or turn Atlanta's year around. However, if there is one of the two quarterbacks capable of turning the season around it is Desmond Ridder. A season that should be over if not for a terrible NFC South keeping Atlanta in the playoff hunt. This could save Smith and Ridder their jobs for a time but if Atlanta doesn't claw their way back into the playoffs expect big changes at both positions this off-season.