3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons shouldn't draft Bijan Robinson

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1. Tyler Allgeier

Atlanta does need to add depth to the running back position, however, the team clearly has their starter in Allgeier. Tyler finished the season with over 1,000 rushing yards and clearly should be viewed as a top starting option moving forward.

After starting the season slowly Allgeier found his place in the offense and along with Patterson fueled Atlanta's offense. The team can add a third option to keep Allgeier healthy and fresh throughout the season but this isn't worth a first-round pick when you already have arguably a top-ten starting option at the position.

Even in Arthur Smith's run-focused offense how will the team utilize Robinson, Patterson, and Allgeier all to their full abilities? It would be a disservice to both Robinson and Allgeier considering what both players are capable of.

Tyler won the starting job and deserves to keep it, drafting Bijan changes this and lacks the potential impact of adding a top pass rusher or corner to pair with Terrell. Bijan in Arthur Smith's offense might be fun but with Allgeier and Patterson demanding carries and a far better passer starting in Desmond Ridder the fit simply isn't there.

Atlanta shouldn't be distracted by the impressive prospect, keeping their focus on continuing to rebuild the defense.