3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons shouldn't draft Bijan Robinson

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2. Bijan Robinson isn't a top eight pick

As great of a prospect as Bijan Robinson is drafting the back inside the top ten would be a clear mistake with superior options on the board. This reasoning stands even if the Falcons didn't have a clear starting running back on the roster in Tyler Allgeier.

The only reason Robinson should be an option for Atlanta is if the team's top options are off the board at eight and Atlanta finds a team willing to let them trade back. An offense with Allgeier, Robinson, and Patterson would be entertaining but considering the potential impact to an already impressive rushing attack in comparison to a struggling defense and the larger need becomes all the more clear.

Taking Robinson inside the top ten would be a mistake for Atlanta when they will likely have the ability to add a player that fills a far greater need and can spend far more time impacting the game. Even if the Falcons put Patterson back into a utility role and started Allgeier rotating Bijan and Tyler the impact would be limited in comparison to adding a defensive starter the team clearly need.

Robinson will have success wherever he lands, however, that team shouldn't be in the top ten considering the position Bijan plays.