3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons shouldn't draft Bijan Robinson

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3. Desmond Ridder

If anything there is a far better argument for adding a receiver in the first round for a second straight season than not drafting a running back. Any Arthur Smith offense is going to have a strong focus on the run game, however, it should be expected to be dialed back just a bit this season.

It was clear the Falcons didn't trust Marcus Mariota and when they did the quarterback could rarely make the right throws with any consistency.

Atlanta has made it clear they are building the offense around Ridder and with that comes the expectation of a consistent passing attack and allowing Ridder the chance to fully show what the second-year quarterback is capable of.

Even if Ridder proves to be a bust this season will be far more balanced with the Falcons running a more complete passing attack with a far better passer and the need to give Ridder every chance to show what his ceiling is as a starter.

The offense will be far more balanced leaving what carries there are to Tyler Allgeier and Cordarrelle Patterson. Adding a third option would be wise but Atlanta doesn't need to spend a top-ten pick for a reliable third option with the later rounds of the draft and free agency both holding plenty of options. Bijan Robinson would be a fun decision but not the right one for the Atlanta Falcons.