3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons shouldn't draft Michael Penix Jr.

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2. Atlanta's offensive fit

It seems to be a safe assumption that Blank is going to opt to keep Arthur Smith. A lot can change in the final week of the season but Smith's job seems shockingly safe for now. If we are operating under the belief that Smith's offense is going to be back Penix obviously isn't a fit for the Falcons.

Aside from the passing schemes and poor offensive fit you also would have Kaleb McGary protecting his quarterback's blindside. There perhaps is no more ill-conceived fit in the league than counting on McGary to pass protect for a quarterback that wouldn't see the consistent pressure coming.

One could point out that replacing McGary and changing the offense would be easy changes to make if Atlanta believes in Penix. However, Smith has never shown an ability to make big adjustments when needed and clearly would put his rookie quarterback in harm's way.

If the Falcons are going to draft a quarterback and keep Smith it must be a better fit. Penix doesn't fit Smith's system and his injury concerns with this right tackle and style of play would be setting up another disastrous season.