3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons still have zero interest in Ryan Tannehill

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The Atlanta Falcons targeted former former Arthur Smith starting quarterback Marcus Mariota last season leading to the obvious suggestion of a reboot with Ryan Tannehill. These suggestions have been consistent throughout the off-season despite Atlanta's continued and obvious commitment to Desmond Ridder starting the 2023 season.

This isn't to debate that Tannehill hasn't accomplished more only that it is extremely obvious the Falcons aren't going to chase the quarterback. The Titans have clear options now behind Tannehill and obviously want to turn the page by taking a quarterback in back-to-back drafts.

If there is any quarterback on the Titans roster that interests Atlanta it should be Malik Willis. If Malik does leave the Titans as expected it could be a great development option for Atlanta. That is what the Falcons are looking to do this season not add a veteran to a position they clearly already have a starter locked into.

Tannehill did well in his seasons with Arthur Smith, however, the issues with this potential move far outweigh any payoff. The Falcons aren't going to stray from starting Desmond Ridder unless a top-ten quarterback simply falls their way something that obviously isn't going to happen.

The reasons Tannehill isn't an option for Atlanta now or even in the 2023 season are too obvious to be ignored.