3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons still have zero interest in Ryan Tannehill

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1. Arthur Smith already had a chance with Marcus Mariota

The quickest way for Arthur Smith's seat to grow warm is by making the same exact mistake the coach made last season. Bringing in Marcus Mariota as the starter and leaving him in the lineup as long as Smith did are clearly terrible decisions. Mariota was horrible and Atlanta's decision to continue to start a quarterback that couldn't run the offense was equally bad.

Arthur Smith deserves a large part of the blame for the way the quarterback position was handled during the 2022 season. Smith has had a chance with a former starter now it is time to turn the page and at least attempt to find a franchise quarterback.

At this point in Ryan's career, it is clear that Tannehill is a mid-low-tier starter who isn't going to win many games for your team. Tannehill thrived under Arthur Smith's run game with great targets and a good defense. Everything has to be perfect for Tannehill to play at a high level and if that is the case Atlanta is better off moving forward with Ridder or Heinicke if Desmond were to struggle.

Smith had a shot already at bringing in a former quarterback, a second such move only ends with Smith on the hot seat and Atlanta still frustrated at the position.