3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons still have zero interest in Ryan Tannehill

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2. Desmond Ridder is an unknown

We know what Ryan Tannehill is in this league and still have the memory of an absolute playoff disaster from the veteran quarterback. You know that Tannehill is going to be solid in the regular season and give you a chance before becoming a non-factor if your roster is strong enough to be in the playoffs.

Tannehill clearly has a limited ceiling and isn't a franchise-altering quarterback. Despite the early success with Arthur Smith and the Titans, the career says Tannehill is an average starter that doesn't perform well in the playoffs.

Desmond Ridder could be worse than a player who has started many games in this league. However, the difference is the lack of a clear ceiling being defined for Ridder and the possibility the second-year player could be far better.

Moving forward with Ridder doesn't promise Atlanta a franchise quarterback what it does is give them a chance to find one. An option the team clearly doesn't have with a limited veteran in Tannehill.

This season is all about Atlanta's improved roster and attempting to find an answer at quarterback. If Ridder struggles Atlanta already has an average starting option in Heinicke a player unlike Tannehill who has proven capable of contending in the postseason.