3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons still have zero interest in Ryan Tannehill

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3. There is a reason the Titans want to move Ryan Tannehill

The most basic reasoning as to why Atlanta doesn't have interest in Tannehill only requires considering Atlanta passed on the player the Titans have lined up to replace Tannehill. Atlanta had zero interest in a quarterback that clearly the Titans view as a better option to win games at this point but somehow Atlanta has interest in adding Tannehill.

Aside from the obvious fact that Atlanta is starting Desmond Ridder the reasoning for their interest in Tannehill just isn't there. This is a team that already has five quarterbacks on the current roster (if you count Franks) and clearly has their starter locked in.

Even if Tannehill was released there is an argument to be made that Taylor Heinicke is a better fit for the Falcons system as the backup option. Ryan had two great seasons with the Titans but neither ended with playoff success and the Falcons clearly have a better option in Ridder.

Whether or not Ridder proves to be better than Tannehill doesn't change this. Ridder is the unknown and one a rookie deal that saves the Falcons massive cap space. Ruining this to add a player who isn't going to help you win games at the end of the season is counterproductive and clearly not a move Fontenot will consider.