3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons won't trade up in the 2023 draft

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Right now is a time for misdirection when it comes to Atlanta Falcons draft rumors and who the team might be willing to pass on. It is a game of poker with fans being given only the news that teams want to get out with each franchise gauging the the teams in front of them working to find the best fit they believe will still be on the board.

One recent bit of speculation surrounding the Falcons is whether or not the team would be willing to move up in the draft. While this is complete speculation the narrative that the Falcons could be interested in moving up to the third pick in the draft if out there.

It is a move that makes little sense for a team that is clearly locked in this off-season with things going according to plan. Terry Fontenot has done a fantastic job in free agency hunting bargain deals while spending on impact players.

For the first time in the last half decade the Falcons have reason to feel good about their team as the draft nears and as if they might be ready to compete for playoff contention once again. This makes the reasons the team won't entertain trading up very clear.