3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons won't trade up in the 2023 draft

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Desmond Ridder
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1. Desmond Ridder

From the start of the off-season, it was clear to those paying attention that this team was going to give Desmond Ridder every chance to win the starting job. Atlanta has two quarterbacks on the roster behind Ridder and appears to be content at the position.

Barring a late-round draft pick the team isn't going to add to the quarterback position any further. Spending the capital it would take to move up in the draft is a move for a team in need of a quarterback.

Ridder is the starting quarterback moving forward something that Taylor Heinicke is aware of pointing to Atlanta's transparency and plan at the position. Ridder has all the tools to succeed and the Falcons are focused on building the best possible roster around him.

Both the Texans and Panthers are clearly taking a quarterback leaving the third-best prospect in a potential trade-up. Even if the Falcons did have interest in drafting a quarterback in the first round at some point conventional wisdom says this isn't the time.

Atlanta already has an interesting prospect in Ridder and has zero reasons to believe trading up is going to put them in a better position. Even for those that doubt Ridder, there is an obvious risk in trading up only to take Will Levis or Anthony Richardson.

Trading up is a move for a team that is searching for a franchise quarterback and there is reason to believe that player is already on Atlanta's roster.