3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons won't trade up in the 2023 draft

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2. Carter and Anderson aren't worth the price of moving up

Let's be clear here if Anderson or Carter gets within a pick or two of Atlanta this sentiment changes entirely for a team that is clearly focused on rebuilding and winning in the trenches. Where Carter is going to fall in the draft is very unclear at this point.

It wouldn't be surprising to see the defensive lineman drafted inside the top five or fall outside the top ten altogether. Despite off-the-field concerns, Jalen Carter is clearly the best prospect in this draft and can change life for a defensive line at the next level.

Despite this the cost of moving up for Carter or Anderson isn't worth losing the picks it would take to move up. The Falcons could likely spend less than it would take to move up to the third pick and acquire an established edge rusher.

This front office has shown an elite ability to find value in the draft spending to move up would be a disservice to what this front office does well. As great as Anderson or Carter would be along the defensive line this is a team that has a lot of depth issues still and needs to be adding draft picks not spending them in the early rounds.