3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons won't trade up in the 2023 draft

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3. It makes far more sense for the Falcons to trade down

I wouldn't take potentially multiple trades on draft day for the Falcons only it will be moving back in the first round. The Falcons are in an odd position with the 8th pick just outside of having a clear target with a myriad of interesting prospect fits.

The Atlanta Falcons should be sitting back on draft day with a completely open mind to trading down depending on what happens in front of them. With the number of teams chasing a quarterback, there is a chance a top-five talent slips to the Falcons.

If, however, teams decide to not make the obvious mistakes of drafting Richardson or Levis in the top ten the Falcons should consider trading back and adding more picks focusing on building depth. Fontenot needs picks to add to the offensive line, receiver, running back, defensive line, and corner position groups.

Adding draft picks makes sense for Atlanta if their top choices aren't still on the board at 8th overall. Trading up inside the top five isn't happening under Terry Fontenot this off-season. It goes against everything we know about Atlanta's current leadership and would derail the plan they have in place.