3 reasons the Falcons revert back to Desmond Ridder at QB

The Atlanta Falcons got their first look at Taylor Heinicke as he made his first start against the Minnesota Vikings but the team needs to turn their focus back to the young Desmond Ridder
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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2. The team views Desmond Ridder as the starting quarterback

For the eight months leading into the season, all we heard about was the trust that the Atlanta Falcons had in Desmond Ridder. How he is so mature and capable of handling any adversity.

The Falcons eventually signed Taylor Heinicke in free agency and he made it clear that he was going to be the backup to the second-year quarterback. We have heard Heinicke say time and again that this is Ridder's team.

The rest of the players heard that all along and the starters spent the whole entire season developing with Ridder. Now, they have to backtrack and find chemistry with Heinicke. We heard them say that Heinicke has looked in the direction of KhaDarel Hodge because he worked with Hodge a lot over the months.

Ridder should be leading this team because everyone else views him as the leader—simple as that.