3 Reasons the Kirk Cousins should be annoyed with the Falcons

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1. Sending the message you don't plan to honor the four-year deal

If the Atlanta Falcons believed that Kirk Cousins was going to be the starting quarterback for the next four years they wouldn't have added Michael Penix Jr. in the first round. This isn't to say they wouldn't have added to the position but it wouldn't have been with this level of urgency.

Adding Penix Jr. tells Kirk Cousins you don't plan to let him play out the contract you just gave him. To be fair to Atlanta here, Cousins is far from Tom Brady and the rules of aging quarterbacks remain the same. Atlanta paying Cousins for four-years is with the expectation that at some point the veteran is going to start heading in the wrong direction.

Just in the NFC South, we saw this play out with Cam Newton, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan in recent years. There is an argument that even Tom Brady's play took a step back. The reasoning is clear from Atlanta's perspective but that isn't what this is about.

It is about looking at Kirk's frustration and understanding the validity of it. Giving a player a four-year contract and replacing him before he has taken a snap is a legitimate gripe.