3 Reasons the Kirk Cousins should be annoyed with the Falcons

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2. Not telling Cousins before you were on the clock

This is the one unforgivable part from Atlanta's perspective that simply can't be defended. They knew they were going to take Penix Jr. long before they were on the clock and called Kirk Cousins to let him know. This is the face of your franchise and you give him and his camp no warning of what you're about to push them into.

The league is a business and whether or not the move itself was right or wrong this was clearly the wrong way to handle it. Cousins is your new franchise leader and who you are expecting to help your team make a playoff push. Warning him you may take a quarterback in the first round before draft night is the lowest of expectations.

For a front office that prides itself on adding high character guys they displayed the opposite. Kirk Cousins didn't deserve anything from Atlanta other than the money he is owed. However, a well-run business understands the gravity of not telling your top employee of a huge change.

It speaks to a poor understanding of Kirk's position on the team and a lack of ability to learn from another situation Cousins can now look to.