3 Reasons the Kirk Cousins should be annoyed with the Falcons

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3. Atlanta didn't learn from their mistakes with Matt Ryan

Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan are similar in their styles off the field in that their focus is on their family and helping the community. They aren't going to make waves and will say all the right things you want your QB1 to say about your team.

With that in mind, this is where the comparison between Ryan and Cousins ends. Both players have been underrated but Matt Ryan deserves far more respect for what he accomplished in his career. For Cousins, however, the comparison is about the fact that as a front office, you didn't learn from the last franchise quarterback you had under contract.

Whether it was the owner or front office, Matt Ryan learned about the team moving on not through being told but by hearing the Deshaun Watson news with the rest of us. This showed how they thought about the quarterback position and a lack of respect they had given Ryan by warning him.

One would think that you would learn from this mistake and tell your next franchise guy if you were considering making a big move at the position. The lack of transparency is a warning that Kirk's time in Atlanta is only as good as long as the guaranteed money in the deal lasts.