3 Reasons to be optimistic about the Atlanta Falcons in 2024

Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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2. Atlanta's young weapons will finally be featured

Zac Robinson and Raheem Morris have wasted no time making it clear their offensive goal is to focus on their stars. To anyone that hasn't endured three seasons of Arthur Smith's playcalls, this seems like an obvious take.

Smith's inability to grasp the obvious resulted in the former head coach landing in Pittsburgh and Morris being hired. The change means that Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson will be featured. There is an argument that there is a more talented young trio in the league. All three have the ability to put up elite numbers and be the number one option.

Watching how Robinson and Kirk Cousins distribute to each of the trio will be fascinating to watch. Whether London or Pitts becomes the primary target is the most interesting aspect.

No matter who demands the most touches all three players are going to put up numbers with a capable playcaller and quarterback. Bijan Robinson is expected to be used in a Christian McCaffrey-type role with the team giving the star a heavy workload. There are a myriad of reasons to watch Atlanta this season but when it comes to the players this trio demands the most attention.