3 Reasons to believe the Atlanta Falcons will play meaningful games in January

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Calais Campbell
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Calais Campbell made Atlanta Falcons headlines this past week with his comments believing the Falcons will surprise teams this season by playing meaningful football deep into the season. While expectations should be a bit more realistic there is reason to believe that this team is going to make the playoffs and depending on Desmond Ridder could win a round.

There are many factors this off-season that mirror the 2012 and 2016 off-seasons with the team's moves and young talent clearly going underrated. The clear difference between those teams and the 2023 version is the lack of Matt Ryan.

Desmond Ridder's ceiling isn't known and could limit Atlanta's ability to contend past the wildcard round. However, with the roster talent, division, and weak schedule Atlanta's path back to the playoffs is clear.

Campbell is an experienced veteran who was impressed by both Terry Fontenot and the Falcons' young talent. This speaks to what many are missing both among media and fans far too busy debating the quarterback question convinced Ridder is the future of the franchise or that the Falcons should have made a move at the position.

Setting that debate aside and looking objectively at the roster the Falcons have built it is clear why this team is heading to the playoffs in 2023.