3 Reasons to believe the Atlanta Falcons will play meaningful games in January

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3. A weak NFC

Part of what is lost consistently in the quarterback debate of what Desmond Ridder is or isn't is the current state of the conference. With Tom Brady retiring and Aaron Rodgers likely headed to the AFC who are the top quarterbacks or the best teams?

Philly and San Francisco clearly deserve respect but after that who is there to fear? The bar is set low to make the playoffs in a conference that has Kirk Cousins, Jalen Hurts, Dak Prescott, and Geno Smith as the four best quarterbacks.

Making the path even easier for Atlanta is playing in what should be the worst division in the league. New Orleans is laughably attempting to keep their closed championship window open with Derek Carr while losing key players, Carolina parted ways with McCaffrey and D.J. Moore in search of a quarterback, and Tampa Bay is rebuilding after losing Tom Brady.

Atlanta's division could be won yet again by a team that managed to win 8-9 games. While the Falcons should have expectations of hitting double-digit wins with this roster is winning one more game in the 2023 season not only possible but expected? Atlanta's path back to the playoffs isn't going to be any more clear than it will be in the 2023 season in a clearly inferior conference.