3 Reasons this won't be Cordarrelle Patterson's final season in Atlanta

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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2. Cordarrelle Patterson is more than a No. 3 running back for the Atlanta Falcons

Cordarrelle Patterson is currently projected to be the number-three running back on the Atlanta Falcons. Now, for any other team, a third running back is expendable and replaceable, but that is the furthest thing from the truth for this team.

No other team has a third running back who can play wide receiver at a high level and has the most kick returns for touchdowns in NFL history. He is a triple threat in the NFL. We all saw the lengths opposing teams would take to keep the ball out of CP's hands when kicking off, that alone can set the Falcons' offense up with better field position.

Arthur Smith loves having versatile players and Patterson fits that to a tee. Adding Bijan Robinson really enhances CP's abilities and could increase his value. There will be a lot of moving parts on this offense, which has been something Arthur has been dreaming of.

Also, while he might be 32 years old, he has a lot of tread left on his tires. Prior to arriving in Atlanta, he only had 167 carries over eight seasons.