3 Reasons this won't be Cordarrelle Patterson's final season in Atlanta

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Cordarrelle Patterson only wants to play for the Atlanta Falcons

There is not a player in the NFL that is more loyal to their team than Cordarrelle Patterson. He does not want to play for any team that isn't named the Atlanta Falcons.

We have seen it with some of the tweets he puts out there and things he has said, but nothing speaks more than action and he took action by taking a lesser contract in 2022 to stay with his team. He made it known too.

You have to love it and him. He is so energetic for the city of Atlanta, he loves his head coach, and he is being used in the right way for the first time in his career. Why would he want to play for anyone else?

So, next offseason when his contract is expired or is about to expire, do not be surprised if Terry Fontenot, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Patterson's agent get together to negotiate a deal that ends up being another team-friendly contract to keep him in the city he loves so much.

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