3 Receivers the Atlanta Falcons could sign after OTA's

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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1. Jarvis Landry

Of the possible fits left in free agency, all come with either injury, age, or production concerns at this point in the off-season. Landry is a concern based on a combination of his age and issues with injuries over the past few seasons. Still, of Atlanta's possible fits Landry is the most interesting from a possible production standpoint with Hollins and London as the primary options and Landry as a veteran of the group.

Jarvis spent last season with the New Orleans Saints and failed to make the expected impact. After years of dysfunctional quarterback situations, Landry is likely looking for a fresh start to prove he can still be productive and Arthur Smith's offense is a great fit.

Watching Jarvis during the veteran's time with Cleveland it is clear the receiver is a respected leader and clearly would benefit Atlanta's young skill players. Add in Landry would be joining an offense with two targets that are going to demand a lot of attention in Pitts and London and it is clearly a great landing spot.

Landry finished with at least 570 receiving yards every year of his career before spending last season with the Saints despite consistent struggles at quarterback in Miami and Cleveland. Signing Landry to a no-risk deal is a fit for both sides and gives Ridder the chance to find a reliable veteran target.