3 Receivers the Atlanta Falcons could sign in free agency

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T.Y. Hilton
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3. T. Y. Hilton

It took Hilton a long time to find a landing spot waiting well into the 2022 season to sign with the Dallas Cowboys. Hilton had an instant impact and was a solid depth option helping take the pressure off of Dak and Lamb.

Hilton has clearly lost a step but is capable of stretching the field and would bring a bit of speed to the Atlanta offense perfectly replacing Olamide. Clearly, the Falcons are going to play in sets that allow Pitts, London, Smith, and Hollins to consistently be on the field and play bully ball.

Hilton may not fit this mentality but this is exactly part of the reason he is a fit for Atlanta. Having a veteran with Hilton's experience level line up in the slot with these targets around him sets up the veteran to consistently make plays as the defense is forced to respect the superior targets.

If the Falcons don't believe that Bernhardt or Darby are capable of taking the next step as the third or fourth option Hilton clearly makes sense for Atlanta.

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