3 Surprising Atlanta Falcons headlines to emerge this summer

Atlanta Falcons v Houston Texans
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3. Former Atlanta draft bust finds yet another chance

Why do teams keep signing Takk McKinley? Yes, there is a shortage of pass rushers, however, there are far more accomplished players still sitting in free agency. McKinley is one of the biggest draft busts in Atlanta history and remains a part of their frustrating decisions at the position.

McKinley wasn't simply a problem due to his lack of production. It was the vocal criticism of Atlanta and consistent questions about his preparation and effort. The Jets being the landing spot of such a player isn't terribly surprising.

It is surprising that Takk continues to get chances after his continued failures. McKinley simply isn't a capable NFL pass rusher despite having immense talent. Whether it is his disposition, practice habits, or both the pass rusher simply hasn't been able to consistently produce at the expected level.

Perhaps all of this changes in New York and McKinley finally plays up to his talent level. That would be a frustrating yet pleasant surprise for the former Falcon. However, the more likely outcome remains another late summer cut for the former first-rounder.