3 Teams Atlanta Falcons should be cheering for this weekend

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
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2. Pittsburgh Steelers

There are a myriad of things that must happen for the Falcons to claim one of the final wildcard spots. The most obvious is Seattle losing out the rest of the way. Like the Bucs, this scenario isn't very likely with the Seahawks finishing the year against the Cardinals. Drew Lock's season defining win over the Eagles may well be what keeps Atlanta from sneaking into the final wildcard slot.

Pittsburgh has been a volatile team this season and like Atlanta has a very slim path to the playoffs. They are currently last in their division but still competing for a wildcard spot. This speaks to the coaching of Mike Tomlin and the talent within the division.

Pittsburgh is more than capable of helping keep Atlanta alive in the playoff hunt this week and remains Atlanta's best path to staying in the hunt. The Steelers defense has carried them this season before an unexpected explosion from Mason Rudolph and a heavily structinized offense. Can they continue that and give Atlanta another path into the playoffs heading into the final week of the season? Seattle losing to the Steelers and the Cardinals playing spoiler is far more probable than making a run at the division.