3 Teams Atlanta Falcons should be cheering for this weekend

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
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3. Carolina Panthers

Yes, pulling for a division rival is never easy, however, the Panthers are far from a threat to Atlanta. Having Carolina upset the Jagaurs would be best case scenario for Atlanta moving forward. You have a confident Panthers team going to close out the year and possibly play spoiler against Tampa. There is this as well as the fact that it would make Atlanta's loss to the Panthers a bit easier to swallow.

If Carolina finishes the year off hot they can help the Falcons and make a terrible loss look a tiny bit better. A win vs. Jacksonville should put energy into this roster and give them some much needed belief moving into the final game of the season.

Jacksonville is still in the hunt for playoff positioning but clearly hasn't been the same team since Trevor Lawerence has been fighting an injury. It is a group that beat the Falcons easily in London early in the season and at their best is a playoff contender.

Atlanta's path to the playoffs remains open if they win out but clearly the team is now a long shot after far to many blown leads this season.