3 Teams that could sign Matt Ryan after the 2023 draft

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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2. New England Patriots

Whether or not Matt Ryan could land in New England all depends on whether or not there is any truth to the team wanting to move on from Mac Jones. If the Patriots do want to move on from the third-year quarterback bringing Ryan in to compete with Bailey Zappe makes a level of sense for both sides.

What the Patriots are doing both in free agency and the draft over the past two seasons makes very little sense. Moving on from Mac and bringing in Ryan or one of the other top remaining veteran options to compete with Zappe in a division that has passed them by would be a very Patriots move to make.

Since Tom Brady left none of the moves New England makes lines up with the obvious and that is why Ryan is a possible fit for a team that clearly is at best the third team in this division. The more likely scenario for the Patriots is the team giving Mac Jones one final season and turning to Zappe if the former Tide quarterback cannot clearly take a step forward.

The Patriots are clearly a desperate team attempting to stay out of the basement of a division they had dominated for much of the last two decades.