3 Teams that could sign Matt Ryan after the 2023 draft

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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3. Buffalo Bills

The current options behind Josh Allen are Kyle Allen and Matt Barkley considering the style which Allen plays with adding a more reliable option would be a wise move to make. There are few championship contenders that are clearly looking for a backup option still and the Bills are arguably the best team left that could give Ryan a backup role.

Adding a ring as a backup might not be the path Ryan hoped to take to win a Super Bowl but at this point in his career, there is little choice. Ryan clearly makes the Bills better and despite playing a completely different style could help a quarterback who struggles to play at a consistent level.

Matt Ryan helping Allen take a step forward while hunting for a ring is a perfect situation if the veteran is willing to accept a backup role. There is also the fact that Buffalo is far from Ryan's Atlanta home which would be a big adjustment.

Still, the fit makes a level of sense for both sides and at this point in the off-season, there are no perfect scenarios for a player who is clearly nearing the end of his career.