3 Teams that could steal Atlanta Falcons top day two targets

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1. Minnesota Vikings- Michael Penix Jr.

If Michael Penix Jr. makes it past the Vikings in round one there is a great chance the Atlanta Falcons can land the prospect. Judging from the offseason comments made about the position and Atlanta's short-term window with Kirk Cousins drafting a quarterback should be on the priority list.

Atlanta needs to bring in a quarterback to learn behind the veteran and Penix is the perfect option. His ceiling is as a franchise quarterback though there are clear injury concerns. Penix would thrive in Robinson's system if he is able to develop as hoped.

However, Atlanta is going to have a tough time getting in a position to take the quarterback. Jayden Daniels, Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and J.J. McCarthy should be expected to go in some order to the Patriots, Commanders, Bears, and Giants. If that plays out as expected the Vikings are left with Sam Darnold as their starter.

The team could be willing to spend their first-round pick on Penix and reach at the position based on desperation. If that's the case Atlanta will likely be looking for a project quarterback on day three with few other day-two prospects being a clear fit.